Monday, April 23, 2012

Autumn leaf creatures

Activity: Autumn Leaf Creatures

What to do:
Harvey and I went for a leaf walk yesterday and made some leaf creatures with the lovely things we found.

1) Take some newspaper and scrunch it up into a ball. Wrap the ball in another layer and scrunch. Repeat this until you have a head. 

2) Do the same to make a body - just use more paper.

3) Use masking tape or cellotape to stick the head to the body. 

4) Fold a piece of newspaper lengthways about again and again so that you have a long tube.

5) Wrap the tube around the back of the body at the top and stick in place so that the arms stick out.

6) Use glue and cover your creature with leaves, adding stones or dried berries for the eyes and twigs for the mouth. 

* It is much easier to use a glue gun to stick the leaves so children will need adult help. 

* Harvey and I decided to try to give our leaf creatures happier faces next time! They look a little glum.


  1. What an amazing craft! Your leaf men are fantastic!! lOVE them (ok, you probably get that by now ;-)) I'm pinning to try with my son - and I bet he will love them too

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I hope your son had lots of fun! ;-)