Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here Come the Aliens by Colin McNaughton

Every child I have read this book to ADORES it! It's a fun one to join in with! Here is an easy way to create your own alien!

Activity: Create an alien!

Age: Preschool and lower primary but older kids will enjoy creating their own, more detailed alien

Resources: colourful paper, textas, scissors, googly eyes, felt hand and feet, glue

1) Choose some colourful A4 paper and cut into quarters. On one quarter, draw an alien body, using inspiration from the story. On another Draw an alien head. Make the head and the body quite large for the best effect. Decorate them with spots, stripes, fur, whatever you fancy.

2) Cut them out and place them on a black background A4 size.

3) Decorate them with bits and bobs from the dollar shop or whatever you have at home. I used googly eyes and foam hands and feet.

4) Make sure you place everything on a jaunty angle to make the alien come alive, then stick everything down.

5) Give your alien a name and write down what strange language it could be speaking in a speech bubble!

TIP: follow this link for a great 'build an alien' activity...


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