Saturday, July 21, 2012

Knights and Castles

I saw a picture of knights/guards made from egg boxes on and really wanted to have a go with Harvey hence the tentative link to a book. Next time though, I would like to make the guards from The Wizard of Oz... "OEO!"...

Activity: Egg Box Guards

Resources: An egg box (large), acrylic paint, flower and heart paper punch (but just a hole punch would do), black fine liner pen, scissors, glue or a glue gun.

What to do: 

1) Cut up an egg box so that you have four 'cups'. Two can be smaller than the other two.

2) Cut two of the smaller cups into a helmet shape and then put them all together to make the guard shape.

3) Paint the parts separately and wait for them to dry. (Sliver paint looks cool for the helmet and the armor)

4) Once dry, use a hole punch or craft punches to make shapes in the helmets and armor.

5) Use a glue gun or PVA to stick the shapes together and then add eyes using the paper from the hole punch and a smile with a pen.


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