Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jack and the Beanstalk


An easy peasy way to draw an exceptionally tall giant!

Age: Upper primary

Resources: paper, pencil, eraser, watercolour paint, ruler

What you do:

STEPS 1- 4 I have drawn in pen so you can see! You do it all in light pencil because you are going to need to rub some lines out before you paint. 

1) Using a pencil on A4 white paper draw a point in the middle of the top and one at the middle of the bottom. Join these lines using a ruler. Then draw a line from the top middle to each bottom edge.

2) Next, draw a line about 2 cm from the top and one about 5 cm from the top. These are for the head and the waist lines. Then draw a head, a waist and arms.

3) Now add curved trouser bottoms and curved shoes.

4) Draw the sides of the boots and the soles then add the eyelets and laces. Add the sleeves of the shirt, braces and curves lines for the waist. Draw the giants face. Erase all the lines you don't need now.

5) Paint with watercolours. Add a background.

This idea came from Usborne Art Ideas: Big Book of Things to Draw


  1. Thanks for sharing the idea-we used this to accompany Paul Bunyan's story in particular and tall tales in general.

  2. I love this. I'm trying it today with my class. Thanks!

  3. I just did this drawing activity with my 2nd graders. They drew them with great success! They were so excited with their final pieces! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.