Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Activity: Make a beautiful garden just like the one that belonged to the Selfish Giant.

Resources: watercolour paint, watercolour paper (not essential), acrylic or poster paint, thick paintbrush, thin paintbrush, pencil, cotton buds, scissors, glue.

What you do:

1) Use watercolours with a wide brush. Use blues, pinks, yellows and greens in horizontal washes to create a beautiful background.

2) When dry, add flower detail to the foreground using cotton buds and acrylic or poster paint.

3) In pencil, draw some tree shapes on separate paper. Use my tree board on pinterest for inspiration

Then paint your trees in different shades of green watercolour wash.

4) When dry, add branches with acrylic or poster paint and a thin brush. You may want to add flowers to your trees using acrylic and a cotton bud, like you did for the foreground.

5) When your trees are dry cut them out and glue them onto your background.

Example 1 
Now you have a magical garden...
Example 2


  1. That is stunning. What a wonderful idea. I started reading the post because I was fascinated that Oscar Wilde gas written a childrens book.And you rewarded me with a beautiful project. Thank you

  2. Thank you! Oscar Wilde also wrote 'The Happy Prince ' which is a beautiful children's story! :-)