Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Robot Book by Heather Brown

Activity: Recycled Robots

What to do:
1) Look through your recycling tub and choose boxes, tubes and tins. Ask an adult to make sure the tins have no sharp edges.

2)  For a nice effect paint your containers and tubes with Gesso (a surface primer for painting) and let them dry before you paint with undiluted poster or acrylic paint. This will stop the print from the packages showing through. If you have it, mix some gel medium in with your paint for a glossy finish. If not, you can paint a thin layer of PVA glue over your finished robot if you want to.

3) Paint all your robot components.

4) Once they are all dry, use glue to stick them together to make your robot. If you have a glue gun, this works well but get an adult to help as the glue could burn your fingers.

5) Use bits and bobs to decorate your robot. We used buttons and coloured matchsticks from the dollar shop.

6) For the small robots arms cut two different coloured strips of A4 paper (2 cm wide). Put the bottoms together to form a right angle. Glue them at the bottom. Then fold each piece over the top of the other until you have a concertina shape. Glue the ends. Make some pincers from aluminium foil and glue them on as hands and then glue onto the robot.



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  1. These are so cute and simple. I hadn't seen "that's not my robot" before. My son loves that series, I'll have to keep an eye out for that one as he is quite into robots

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