Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood

Hi everyone! It's great to be creating stuff again after a long holiday back to the UK! Here is an activity that you can adapt for any book...

Activity:  Little Red Riding Hood matchbox characters

Resources: 2 boxes empty boxes of safety matches, 4 matches (struck and blown out, get an adult to do this), colourful paper for the background, paper for the characters, scissors, paint (I used watercolour), blue tac, glue, black fine liner pen.

* Like many of my activities, this one is for younger kids with adult support and for older kids with no support (apart from striking the matches and blowing them out.)

What to do: 
 1) Choose a background paper and draw around a matchbox onto it.

2) Cut it out and stick it onto one face of your matchbox. Next draw around your match box again to make a box in which to draw your character.

 3) Draw a character in the box. It doesn't matter if it overlaps a side or two, it's actually better if it does.

 4) Paint your characters carefully.

 5) Use blue tac to stick the matchstick legs into the box.

6) When your character is dry, outline in with a black fine liner. Then cut it out and stick it on with the bottom slightly overlapping the bottom on the box. (I added a frilly skirt using another piece of paper). Now Put the matchbox together and...Voila!

Tip: Have a go at making different characters from your favourite stories! You could even make a setting for your story from a shoe box, using the same technique.


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